Ordering Policies

Unforgettable Tiny House™ Kits


Please plan ahead to allow a minimum of three months for delivery of your Unforgettable Tiny House™ kits.

Cancelled Orders & Returns

As all sales are final, please consider every aspect of your Unforgettable Tiny House™ kit prior to purchase, including choice of kit model; heating requirements for your climate; insulation; square footage.

Unforgettable Tiny House™ Manufacturer’s Warranty

Coming Soon – Please contact us for further information.

Unforgettable Fire, LLC Wood Stoves

Estimated Shipping Time for Kimberly™ and Katydid™ Wood Stoves

Kimberly™ and Katydid™ wood stoves are shipped from Southern Oregon. A tracking number will be emailed to you as soon as it is available.

Generally, please allow 5-8 days for shipping time. Residents of Alaska and Hawaii should contact us about your estimated shipping time.

Shipping Recommendations for Katydid™ Wood Stoves

Although the wooden shipping crate for our Katydid™ wood stove is substantial, we strongly recommend purchasing optional Transit Insurance. A small investment of $50.00 at the time you place your Katydid™ wood stove order will insure the safe delivery of your Katydid™ wood stove to your doorstep, as Unforgettable Fire, LLC assumes no liability for any damage that might occur to your Katydid™ wood stove in transit.

For situations requiring upgraded delivery service, you may purchase optional Lift Gate Delivery Service with your Katydid™ wood stove for $100.00. In certain cases, Lift Gate Delivery Service may be desirable, or even required, as our Katydid™ wood stove packed inside her shipping crate weighs approximately 250 pounds.

Shipping Dates

The date that your Kimberly™ or Katydid™ wood stove leaves the factory in Southern Oregon is dependent upon the amount of inventory on hand at the time you place your order and/or production schedules, which can range from a few business days to a few weeks. Feel free to contact us with questions on availability and estimated wait times.

Cancelled Orders & Returns

We pride ourselves on our high rate of customer satisfaction and we are happy to answer all of your questions, including the review of digital photos. Nearly all wood stove performance issues can be easily prevented with simple troubleshooting via phone and usually involve fuel greater than 20% moisture content or inadequate chimney performance due to improper installation.

As all sales are final, please consider every aspect of your installation prior to purchase, including choice of model; BTU output requirements for your climate; insulation; square footage; the location for installation within your home; clearance requirements; venting requirements; and hearth pad. Returns are accepted only under the terms of the Unforgettable Fire, LLC manufacturer’s warranty below.

Unforgettable Fire, LLC Manufacturer’s Warranty

Our warranty is simple. Unforgettable Fire, LLC offers a five-year, non-prorated warranty to the original purchaser of a Kimberly™  or Katydid™ wood stove heater on all parts, except for replacement glass, replacement gaskets, replacement grate/ash pan covers, misuse and abuse, or improper installation. At its sole discretion, Unforgettable Fire, LLC will either repair or replace any defective unit to the original purchaser under these terms. The original purchaser shall be responsible for all shipping and handling costs associated with any warranty claims.


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