No! While we offer custom trailers to fit, many people prefer to place their Unforgettable Tiny House™ on a cement slab, raised platform, deck, or skids, instead. Check with your local officials about building codes in your area; in many places any building under 200 square feet does not require a permit.

Siberian Spruce is what Venice was built on…..impervious to rot even when under water….not grown here in America, so our Unforgettable Tiny House™ kits are manufactured in Eastern Europe where the trees are native.

We employ old world European craftsmanship in our manufacturing process. Double tongue and groove design offers long-lasting durability even in the wettest of climates.

Our Unforgettable Tiny House™ kits were designed for the DIY-er. Each kit comes with an awesome easy to follow instruction manual. Most Unforgettable Tiny House™ models can be built in as little as three days by someone with little to no construction experience; however, our Peace Pod model will arrive at your location already pre-assembled.

Unforgettable Tiny House™ kits come in all shapes and sizes and vary according to square footage and extras such as a “twin skin” and insulated floors for colder climates; designs begin as low as $65 per square foot. Contact us today for more information!

Our Unforgettable Tiny House™ kits are made from Siberian Spruce. The wood is treated prior to assembly in patented autoclaves under pressure, using 100% non-toxic treatment. There is no formaldehyde used in our products, unlike OSB board or plywood. It is therefore likely that even the most severely chemically sensitive person could live comfortably in one of our Unforgettable Tiny House™ assembled kits.

Unforgettable Tiny House™ kits are offered with double-pane, light tint, tilt and turn windows. Specific to your design, doors are offered in both single and French style.

Roofing materials are offered in a wide variety of colors and patterns and come with a 50 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Wall thickness starts at 40 mm and graduates to 120 mm (1.57 inches to 4.72 inches). Solid wood construction do not lose their heat like stick-built construction with insulation; the double tongue and groove construction makes for an air tight lock.

With that said, for the coldest climates, we do offer optional double skin walls and roofing. Optional insulated floors are also available.

And of course, we highly recommend the Kimberly™ and Katydid™ gasifier wood stoves manufactured by our sister company, Unforgettable Fire, LLC. Kimberly™ and Katydid™ offer a small footprint for your tiny space and make efficient use of their fuel so that you won’t spend all of your free time cutting wood.

Depending on our shipping schedule at any given time, you should plan to order your Unforgettable Tiny House™ kit at least 12 weeks before you need to have it on hand. Shipping times are approximate due to circumstances beyond our control regarding ocean freight shipping schedules, customs clearances, etc.

Yes! Our Unforgettable Tiny House™ kits can easily be wired for electricity and plumbed.

Unforgettable Tiny House™ assembled kits are easy to maintain. We offer numerous custom color stain options, which need to be reapplied only every three years for the sake of appearance.

The Unforgettable Tiny House™ lofts can accommodate a king-sized bed.

Yes! The Kimberly™ and Katydid™ wood stoves manufactured by our sister company, Unforgettable Fire,  LLC are EPA Certified and CSA Certified.

The Kimberly™ non-catalytic gasifier wood stove provides an exceptionally clean burn, emitting just 3.2 grams/hour in EPA testing, as compared 7.5 grams/hour allowed by current federal EPA standards and 4.5 grams/hour allowed by Washington state standards.

Our Katydid™ wood stove was certified at 1.9 grams/hour, exceeding the new federal EPA standards for the year 2020 and exceeding the standards for Washington state and Fairbanks, Alaska. Katydid™ is one of the cleanest-burning non-catalytic wood stoves on the market today.

As wood stoves, Kimberly™ and Katydid™ were designed to burn regular cordwood, although given the size of their fireboxes, cordwood should be cut shorter than for stoves with larger fireboxes.

Also, many people burn extruded logs because they are convenient. However, never burn sawdust logs, which contain waxes or paraffins.

Remember to always burn wood that contains 20% moisture content or less, as verified by a moisture meter. Hard wood that has been well-seasoned will produce far more heat and far less creosote than soft wood or wet wood.

In Unforgettable Fire, LLC Owner and Inventor Roger Lehet’s 30 years of selling and installing wood stoves, he has always preferred to vent straight through the roof at all times. There are a few instances where this becomes impossible due to construction styles, but it is rare.

When venting any wood stove out of a wall, the cost of installation increases substantially. Also, the flue is exposed to cold outside air, which can cool the exhaust temperatures and negatively impact the performance of the chimney. This method also allows heat to be transferred to the outside, rather than kept inside the home where it belongs. Additionally, horizontal runs with elbows put back pressure on the venting system, which can cause hard starts and smoke spillage when opening the door for reloading.

In effect, your Kimberly™ or Katydid™ is the “heart” of your wood stove installation, and the chimney is the “lungs.” The heart can not function properly if the lungs do not provide it with sufficient oxygen.

Whenever possible, always install your venting vertically inside the house, through the ceiling and roof. This is is true not only of our Kimberly™ and Katydid™ gasifier wood stoves, but it is true of all other wood stoves as well.

Pellet stoves will provide a more consistent room temperature than a wood stove during the day while you are absent or at night while you are sleeping. This is because they are self-feeding by use of electricity, except for one model which is gravity-fed. This, we believe, is where the advantage ends.

When your power goes out due to a winter storm or during a long-term emergency, a pellet stove will leave you cold because they need electricity. While many pellet stoves have a 72 battery for back-up, how will you keep warm if your electricity is out for a longer period? Also, a pellet stove will be hostage to the availability and affordability of pellets. If you are unable to purchase pellets, you cannot burn an alternative fuel.

The charm of a wood stove over any other heat source is not only the warm glow of the flames, but the unquestioned reliability of wood heat.

With that said, some wood stoves need electricity for startup or monitoring moisture content in their fuel, and this type of wood stove will still be inoperable when the grid goes down.

Your fuel options are much greater with a Kimberly™ or Katydid™ gasifier wood stove. With no moving parts to wear out or fail and no electricity needed to start or operate, your Kimberly™ or Katydid™ gasifier wood stove will keep you warm in good times and in bad.

Kimberly™ can accommodate one log of 4-inches in diameter and up to 9.5-inches in length.  Most people find that loading two logs of a shorter length is easier than loading a single log of a longer length inside Kimberly’s tiny combustion chamber.

Katydid™ has a much bigger firebox and can accommodate more logs and a bigger diameter than Kimberly™. We find that logs cut to 8-inches in length work the best.

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