This All Began With My Little Kimberly™ Stove…

Roger Lehet photographMy 25-year-old brick and mortar wood stove shop was an early casualty of The Great Recession in 2008. My family of three, which included our 9-year-old daughter, ended up living on a 28-foot boat moored in Puget Sound. At the time, life in general seemed pretty bleak and the little wood stove I invented to keep us warm became the heartbeat of our lives.

I named that tiny wood burning stove, “Kimberly” after the woman who inspired me to go public with my project, and I had no idea that a few years later it would become the darling of the Tiny House Community, which was beginning to gain momentum at the time.

Criss-Crossing The Country…

During 2015 and 2016, I drove approximately 63,000 miles promoting the Kimberly™ and Katydid™ wood stoves at over forty trade shows, literally from coast to coast. Unforgettable Fire, LLC was represented at the Mother Earth News Fairs, home & garden shows, prepper shows, sportman shows, and the first ever Tiny House Jamboree.

For every mile I drove promoting Kimberly™ and Katydid™, I must have talked at length with at least an equivalent number of people, and shook hands with countless thousands more. From my experiences, it became clear to me that America is in greater peril than most of us realize or care to admit.

With my own eyes, I saw huge factories, warehouses and administrative buildings sitting empty and tagged with the graffiti of gangs. Drugs and decay were clearly rampant from coast to coast. At every show, countless people told me that they had to “let go” of their bigger homes because they could no longer afford the mortgages. Downsizing is the national trend…

The Spirit of Self-Reliance…

Self-reliance has always been at the heart of Unforgettable Fire™. With a few optional accessories, a Kimberly™ or Katydid™ wood stove would allow anyone to heat, cook, bake, generate electricity, generate light, and heat water with very little wood. In the Kimberly™ and Katydid™ wood burning stoves, Unforgettable Fire™ has provided an on-grid, off-grid living solution.

Likewise, self-reliance is at the heart of Unforgettable Tiny House™. Even a person with little to no construction experience can assemble one of our pre-cut tiny house kits from the detailed instructions in our owner’s manuals. Unforgettable Tiny House™ kits come in all shapes and sizes from tiny houses that one could put on wheels to larger cabins, for those with land.

Our Unforgettable Tiny House™ kits are milled from Siberian Spruce. The double tongue-and-groove design in each Unforgettable Tiny House™ kit provides an air-tight lock to seal in the heat and seal out the cold far better than stick built construction with the best insulation. Double-pane tilt-and-turn windows and French doors and high-end steel roofing complete each kit. Like Kimberly™ and Katydid™, each Unforgettable Tiny House™ kit represents the hallmark of quality.

Why Start From Scratch When We’ve Done The Hard Work For You?

There is no greater satisfaction than that which comes from building your own shelter with your own two hands. Our Unforgettable Tiny House™ kits make easy for you to save time and money. Why start from scratch when we’ve done the hard work for you? Contact us today – let Unforgettable Tiny House™ help you make your tiny house dreams a reality!


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